Naturalism Beyond the Limits of Science

2023. Oxford University Press.

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Naturalism Beyond the Limits of Science investigates methodological naturalism. According to the methodological naturalist, when coming up with metaphysical theories (theories about what the world is like) philosophers should, whenever possible, make use of the methodology of science. I argue that although many contemporary philosophers have implicit commitments that lead straightforwardly to methodological naturalism, very few have a clear understanding of how widespread and disruptive methodological naturalism promises to be for the field. Moreover, once we have a clear understanding of how methodological naturalism is connected to the implicit commitments that many philosophers share, we see that the consequences of rejecting the view are just as surprising as the consequences of accepting it. So, although I ultimately leave it up to the reader to decide whether to be a methodological naturalist, I show that regardless of the choice that they make, they will need to revise their understanding of the relationship between philosophy and science in substantial ways.

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Upcoming Projects

Philosophical Issues in Quantum Mechanics (Co-authored work with Ned Hall)

Under contract with Oxford University Press.

In this book, we draw on our experiences teaching Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics to undergraduates and graduates at Harvard, MIT, Brown and Mount Holyoke College to present an accessible introduction to the quantum formalism and the philosophical issues that arise from that formalism.

Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Time

Under contract with Routledge.

The philosophy of time is a growing field of research that exemplifies the most exciting recent developments in philosophy as whole. It provides fertile ground for interdisciplinary connections with historians, psychologists, and scientists; it naturally gives rise to bridges between western and non-western traditions; and it can lay claim to a number of recently rediscovered historical figures from underrepresented groups. The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Time will be a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the field that highlights and builds on these important attributes.